Guilty pleasures list…

Who would have thought that not only is this a piece of history for television, but it is also a cult pop art phenomenon?

Wrestling being a “mostly boys” thing – always had issues with that determination, I hated it for awhile only to piss “gross boys” off during that phase. Now I seem to be strangely attracted to the behind-the-scenes part of the whole production – the scripting, the lighting, the designing of the fights, and the matching up of the contenders.  Any of you in the late 20s-late 30s range remember this fight even if you HATED wrestling – Andre went on to cross over to be featured in all kinds of other forms of creative media, like film and street art.

One thing I do notice in particular about this video is the timelessness of the scene – the ring, the costumes, the in-discriminant cheering crowd in the background, this could very well be right now, instead of in 1987,, easily.