The Buses

I remember my first bus trip. I was moving from PA to the big twin cities. I was …19? First time out ever? I took a bottle full of pills with me that weren’t even my prescription, and ate half of them before the bus even left the terminal. About halfway there I lost my wallet with about 500 dollars and all my IDs at the transfer, as well as getting most of my belongings rifled through while I was drooling in the seat. I stared out the window and saw blurs of color. I couldn’t understand what people even said to me. I was alone, and I was free. I didn’t own a goddamn thing and I didn’t give a fuck. Today, nearly 20 years later, I’m sitting on a bus, fully sober, surrounded by food and technology that I own, neatly and haphazardly packed in bags and sacks around me. I have a cellphone, headphones and a laptop, have a career and a boyfriend. When I look out the window I can clearly see. Yet I still feel that same happiness, that same freedom, without the “youth,” without the drugs. The feelings on the buses, similar. The frames of mind, the same. I have not regretted my chemical fueled, overindulged journey but learned that the danger lies in losing that Disney vision of what you think is right. That and don’t fucking carry $500 in cash on you while you travel.

Almost to Portland….and the weather is fine.

So this was posted on the Portland Mercury’s site:  It only makes me more and more excited that we are pretty close to the Oregon border as I am the front seat passenger and “navigator” to Ian.    We had to stop by Meowbucks and grab some venti kitties before we really got on our way.  The road we got on was twisty and turny with the danger of rocks falling all around us or the RV careening over a cliff.  We had to take it so slow we had a line of cars after us that weren’t so understanding about our fragile cargo.   Regardless, shortly after our start we were settled in and  so were the kitties we ordered.    The weather is nice, and I completely under packed for the chilly nights, but Its beautiful and the company can at least a foot and an arm warm.