Getting ready for SXSW 2013. It is January, so it will feel like only two weeks have passed before the week arrives, and our fair city of Austin swells by 2 million new people – or more. I felt like now was the best time to start swimming in synthesizers to get fully prepared for the onslaught of talent to head my way. So currently I am listening to Laid Back, Gary Neuman, Newcleus, and other late 70s/early 80s music that was, yes, before my time, but aaaah soo soo soo good – and relaxing. Because I already know a few things – like for example the garage bands will fight their way to the top again this year, and blow my sensitive brains out with walls of sound. My perssonal goal is to focus less on music and more on the other aspects of the festival/corporate blow out – like video art and film. Hopefully we will have a bit of a mix of all, yes?