In 2007, I worked at Clementine Coffee in Austin, Texas.  I started booking live music and performances there because nights were slow and I wasn’t making very much money.  It turns out for me, the more I liked the entertainment I booked and promoted the more successful my shows were.  If I Like It was born and the early stages of Sporkbooking started brewing.

I had moved on from Clementine to working for the Moose Lodge and Cherrywood Coffee. I quickly moved onto freelancing some larger clubs.  I figured this site could be used for the really awesome shows I help out with, and also it could be a place where I post about random things I just like – which are also inspiration for the shows I put on.  I wouldn’t post every show here.  I found out I got too busy to really post a lot of blogs here.

At that point I was seriously working on managing bands and booking live performance locally.  There were a lot of festivals and a lot of larger shows for very strange musicians and audiences, but not a lot of revenue.  One day in 2009 I got a Myspace message from a lady named Samantha Martin.  Would I help her book a show for her acrobatic cats in Austin?  The answer was an immediate yes.  Two years later I was the tour manager and head of booking/promotions for the Amazing Acro-cats.  Booking bands and other entertainment took a backseat as her production and national tour ended up being full time work for me.  I got her on Stephen Colbert, in the New York Times, as well as countless other national and local publications and media outlets.   That brings us to today.  We continue to work together to raise awareness of what she does for this world.

I moved to Chicago, IL in the beginning of 2017 and I am now back to working with weirdos as well as assisting unique small businesses increase their reach and visibility .  If there are any entertainers you know interested in having a tour manager or if you are a start-up looking for some marketing help please let me know. I have also since moved forward to found Masheen – my human and cat online gift shop. My etsy store is here:

Since the beginning of “If I Like It,” my old nickname of “Spork” (the odd shaped eating utencil) has become the established brand symbol of my business – creative, useful and compact – Sporkbooking.

Talk to you soon!